2017 April 8-9, Salzburg

Karajan / FH Salzburg Classical Music Hack Day
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Welcome to the 4th Classical Music Hack Day, an event that combines the greatest classical music from the past with breakthrough technology in the present. Build tools to allow innovative, digital experiences of classical repertoire. Open to engineers, musicians, and everyone in between with an interest in hacking the classics!

About the Karajan Institute

The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute was founded in 2005 by Eliette von Karajan to promote the artistic legacy of her late husband, Herbert von Karajan. With more than 3.300 live performances and over 2.200 recordings of more than 750 classical works the conductor`s unique legacy covers the most important classical compositions. The incredibly huge catalogue with its complex meta data opens up endless possibilities in a technology driven world. In addition to managing the music catalogue, one of the aims of the institute is to present and support initiatives in the field of music technology. Since 2013 the Karajan Institute regularly presented a series of Classical Music Hackathons together with its notable partners around the globe.

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About Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is the university for technology, health and media. Here, 2,700 students receive training in the disciplines of Engineering, Business and Social Sciences comprising Tourism, Business Management and Social Work, Design, Media & Arts and Health Studies. This local research and teaching institution, with its 320 staff, is also a driving force for innovation. With its international outlook and focus on innovative research and teaching, the university is a pioneer of future-oriented degree programmes and practice-oriented solutions for business and society.
FH Salzburg
Urstein Süd 1
5412 Puch/Salzburg

We have learnt from the things of the past, to bring them with us into the present, and hand them on to the future.
Herbert von Karajan (1908 - 1989)
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Friday, April 7
17:00 Reception (Karajan Institute)
19:30 Foto Exhibition Vernissage (ORF)
Saturday, April 8
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome
10:00 Intros and Pitches
10:40 Workshops Part I (click for more info)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Workshops Part II (click for more info)
15:00 Hacking begins
18:00 Leifinge's 9BeetStretch concert (24h)
Sunday, April 9
16:00 Presentation of the hacks (plz fill out the linked spreadsheet)
18:00 Hack Day ends
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Salzburg, get ready for hacking!
Welcome to the Karajan / FH Salzburg Classical Music Hack Day, presented by the Eliette and herbert von Karajan Institute Salzburg and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, took place from April 8-9, 2017
Presentations are about to start!
Opening remarks
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Presentations are about to start!
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Albrecht Sensch's presentation "VR Conductor"

VR Conductor
by Albrecht Sensch
by Mike Zhang​
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Mike Zhang's presentation "Karaline"

Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Paul Götze's presentation "CrowdScored"
by Paul Götze
Instrument Extractor
by Matthias Uiberacker, Thomas Buchstätter and Sebastian Haas
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Matthias's Uiberacker, Thomas Buchstätter's and Sebastian Haas's presentation "Instrument Extractor"
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Thomas Bonte's and Nicolas Froment's presentation "Jam with Mozart"
Jam with Mozart
by Thomas Bonte and Nicolas Froment
Sentimental Soundcloud
by Martin Aigner, Marta Gerritsen and Peter Müller
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Martin Aigner's, Marta Gerritsen's and Peter Müller's presentation "Sentimental Soundcloud"
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Vladimir Viro's presentation "What You Play Is What You Get"
What You Play Is What You Get
by Vladimir Viro
Audiveris & MuseScore
by Sanu Pulimootil Achankunju and Hervé Bitteur
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Sanu Pulimootil Achankunju's and Hervé Bitteur's presentation "Audiveris & MuseScore"
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Christof Haslauer's and Oliver Dumböck's presentation "Native Waves Audiosync"
Native Waves Audiosync
by Christof Haslauer and Oliver Dumböck
by Nicolas Guillouet
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Nicolas Guillouet's presentation "Meaningengines"
Karajan / FH Salzburg Hack Day: Joachim Ganseman's presentation "Musqapp v."
Musqapp v.
by Joachim Ganseman​
We're really excited to be hosting our hackathon at the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

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Prizes and Challenges
Startup Salzburg
Business Model Workshop, Startup Salzburg (Half-Day, arrangement can be made on an individual basis) Learn more about your current business model, identify opportunities for growth, find ways to innovate it and further develop your value proposition.
The team of the best hack will win a full mentoring day at Sony's HQ in Munich.
Resources, Data and APIs for Hacking
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please email info@karajan.org.
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
High Res images of scores by Beethoven Symphonies, Tchaikovsky Symphony No 1 and Violin Concerto. For access contact the organizers at the event.
Karajan Institute
Herbert von Karajan Beethoven's symphonies and Tchaikovsky's works. 27 Music works, 135 Music work parts, 109 Musicians, 215 Places, 281 Recordings, 798 Concerts, 330, products, 1262 Tracks.

For details see our Google Doc >> here
Mimi Music
Sony Music Innovation
Sony Music's Innovation Board is a diverse team of innovation specialists and music experts with backgrounds ranging from marketing, artist & repertoire, business intelligence, sales to business strategy, digital technologies and business development.
HiRes Professional Audio Production Equipment. 192Khz/24Bit/140dB transformation from analog microphones to digital and digital to analog (Monitor, Headphone, Loudspeaker) with extrem low static latency. FPGA Technology.
Open Sheet Music Display
Display sheet music (MusicXML files) in the browser. Using the VexFlow music notation rendering API. Written in TypeScript and released under MIT license.
Musimap's API has access to one of the most exhaustive and thorough databases available in the market. The database includes 4B+ data points and edges, 2,4B+ relations, 35M+ tracks and 4,4M+ artists.